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Media Studio

Media Studio

We are dedicated to exploring ways of using technology to improve online teaching and the online learning experience. From lecture recording studios to large-scale field production, we are here to help enhance online courses for faculty, staff and students.


The Lecture Recording Studios were designed with a faculty-centric focus to make capturing course content intuitive and easy.  

With sound-limiting designs, privacy-alerting “Recording” lights outside both studios, professional lighting, and direct connections to the campus Panopto recording platform, you get the best possible sound and picture quality compared to recording in your home or office. 

We have both Mac and PC rooms, complete with Wolfvision 4k Document Cameras and 12.9” iPad Pros with Apple Pencils for drawings and annotations. Lectures are captured using Blackmagic Design 6k Pro cameras and Sennheiser wireless microphones. The team at the Online Learning Media Studio will walk you through the easy steps to start, stop, and post your recordings to your Canvas course. 

* Parking is available at the Online Learning Media Studio. All valid Staff /Commuter parking permits are allowed.

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The Revolution Lightboard Studio allows you to visually present your course content similarly to a traditional classroom whiteboard lesson. Our 82″ studio board includes an integrated PC that can incorporate graphics, notes, and formulas that you can annotate in your recordings. Our staff can assist you on setting up your recordings and posting them to your course. 

* Parking is available at the Online Learning Media Studio. All valid Staff /Commuter parking permits are allowed.

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The Online Learning Media Studio proudly has two Federal Aviation Administration Certified Remote Pilots to provide aerial drone videography for course material. Our team can help give your students views they wouldn’t normally experience in a classroom setting.

*Please note that this service must follow local and federal airspace requirements and regulations.

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One of the most unique resources available through the Online Learning Media Studio is underwater videography. Our remote-operated vehicle (ROV) has 360° underwater navigation up to 330′ underwater. The ROV includes a 4k camera with lighting, as well as a mechanical claw to manipulate objects underwater. 

Potential uses include archeology, geology, and civil engineering.

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The Online Learning Media Studio has the capability of capturing 360° video and photos. This 8k footage can also be used in interactions created by our Multimedia Designers. Potential uses include virtual tours and lab exercises.

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Using state-of-the-art blue light laser scanning technology, the Online Learning Media Studio can create digital versions of physical objects used in your courses. Our 3D scanner has 0.05 mm scan accuracy and scans up to 1,200,0000 points per second. This tool is also portable, which means we can come to you for objects that are too delicate or large to bring to our facility.

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The lead photographer at the Online Learning Media Studio has been featured in Rolling Stone, Sports Illustrated, and Discovery Channel.

Our team can lend these skills to your material with award-winning and professional quality photography to your course material.

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Let the animators at the Online Learning Media Studio help you explain complex concepts through storytelling and motion graphics. Our team will collaborate with you on the objective you’re working to communicate, develop storyboards to give you and an idea of our vision, and create a final product that will be easy to understand by your students.

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The Online Learning Media Studio includes a 1,200-square-foot production studio with cinema-quality lighting and a professional cyclorama. Our video team can offer support on every step of video production from storyboarding to final production. We can also support on-location filming when necessary. The team at the Online Learning Media Studio has experience working on everything from live events with the Nashville Predators to projects for Food Network, Travel Channel, & HGTV.

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We have put together a few downloadable PDFs that we can help point out areas for in lighting the scene, preparing for the best sound, or even making edits in Panopto.



The Media Studio is currently accepting applications for faculty interested in doing test flights and creating course content. If you’d like to be one of our early adopters, click the button below to request a consultation.

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Questions about teaching online or need help with course development? Our team of instructional designers and multimedia specialists can help you have a strong start!  

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