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The office of Online Learning & Academic Programs (OLAP) is a team of experienced online learning professionals, including instructional and multimedia designers and developers, who are proud to eradicate barriers that prevent our communities from accessing quality higher education.

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Our Guiding Principles:


We believe instructional faculty and graduate students should be nurtured and supported in their efforts to develop and teach online and hybrid courses that foster student learning and success.


We know that instructors learn just as much – if not more – from one another as they do from us, so we strive to facilitate the sharing of information, strategies, and dialogue among members of UTK’s teaching community.


We serve campus through current, research-based processes that facilitate universal design for learning via a systematic, collaborative, and constructivist approach to knowledge, critical and creative thinking, and skill transfer.


We seek to foster an inclusive vision of online learning at UTK that advocates for the needs of ALL students, considering diverse capabilities, backgrounds, experiences, locations, schedules, access, and family situations.


We define our success broadly: through the students we support, through the instructors we serve, and through the relationships and knowledge networks we cultivate.