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Course Design & Development Jumpstart

Converting Your Course For Online Delivery?

As a UT faculty member, you have multiple demands on your time, and adding the conversion of a course to an online format may seem overwhelming. That’s why the Office of Online Learning provides the Jumpstart Online Course Development Program to support you in making your online course a reality. The Online Learning team will guide you in your efforts, providing research-based course design, professional video, and other multimedia, and training to support your future online course development efforts. Our goal is to engage with you in a quality-focused, collaborative partnership to develop courses that promote learning for your students.

The time and energy you spend on your Jumpstart experience is an investment in your skillset and your career. It will also improve the quality of education for your students and for the University as a whole.

Here’s what you can expect

You will design or redesign your choice of a course that you wish to convert to an asynchronous, online format. The time and effort required for this task will vary, depending on the status of your existing course material, but here are some estimates for your consideration:

Online Training

You have 7-to-8 weeks to complete four modules of training content with hands-on assignments that apply directly to the course you are designing (~20-40 hours total time and effort).

Course Design & Development

You should plan to devote ~10 hours/week during the remaining weeks of the semester to collaborate with your OLAP team in designing and developing your Canvas course.

Total Time Span & Hours Required

~120-190 hours for 14-18 weeks (see cohort semester options below).


You can join a Jumpstart Cohort during the spring, summer, or fall semester.

Spring Cohort
for Summer Courses

Online Training & Course Design
Course & Multimedia Development
Early MAY:
Quality Assurance Check
Late MAY – Early AUG:
Course Implementation

Summer Cohort
for Fall Courses

Online Training & Course Design
Late MAY – AUG:
Course & Multimedia Development
Quality Assurance Check
Course Implementation

Fall Cohort
for Spring Courses

Mid-AUG – OCT:
Online Training & Course Design
Course & Multimedia Development
Early DEC:
Quality Assurance Check
JAN – Early MAY:
Course Implementation